Re-Declaration of Independence

When in the course of a nation, the elected, established governmental officials throw off the yokes of integrity, of honor, of their oath of office, it falls to the people, to halt the growing tyranny of the rogue nation state.  When the separate but equal branches of the government begin to ignore their defined role(s) as established by the Constitution of the united States of America, once again, it falls to the people, who empower and create the government at their discretion and direction, it is up to “we the people” to re-establish the Republic as defined by the rule of law, the Constitution.  When the Congress will not hold the President in check, when the Supreme Court will not hold the Congress in check, when the President will not hold the Supreme Court in check, it falls to the people to hold the government, both the elected officials and appointed regulatory tyrants, accountable.

All people are created equal, not by the government, but by our Creator, by natural law and as such, have unalienable Rights, including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  In securing these rights, the Republic was created, instituted by “we the people” and consenting to allow the government to govern them, provided said government adheres to the Constitution and does not infringe upon the rights of the people, as these rights are natural rights and the government can only protect them, not grant them, alter them or infringe upon them.  When the government morphs from a Republic and becomes an oligarchy, monarchy, statist, corporatist, quasi-socialist regime, which is destructive to the natural rights of those consenting to be governed, it is the right of the people, to alter and abolish said government, casting aside all of the elected representatives of the people in both houses of Congress, the President of the United States and those on the Supreme Court who have violated their oaths of office, failing to uphold and defend the Constitution.  “We the people” are morally, ethically and legally obligated to institute a new government, elected by the people, in adherence to the Constitution, thus re-establishing the Republic.

Although our government is long established, it has failed to live up to and honor the Constitution by adhering to it, as there has been ever increasing taxation and regulation, but the will of the people has not been represented.  “We the people” have been disposed to suffer a long and storied history of abuses and while evils are sufferable, often seen as preferable to righting the wrongs and abolishing the tyranny, punishments and usurpations of those inflicting said damages upon the people, it is immoral, unjust and cowardly to ignore the abuses, passing them along to the next generation.  The state of despotism that is being inflicted upon the people of the united States of America is such that it is the peoples right, duty and obligation to throw off the ties that bind and smother, to remove from office those that have inflicted and are inflicting these policies and actions upon the people and to provide for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, for current and future generations.  Congress and the current President of the united States of America have usurped the Constitution, establishing a history and pattern of usurpation via executive fiat in both the use of Executive Orders, bypassing Congress, with no constraint and abuse of the War Powers act, by taking America to war on multiple fronts, without permission from Congress, while hiding behind the United Nations, a non-governing body, outside the united States of America and granting to them our great nations sovereignty.  Facts are a troubling thing, so much so that the mass media has worked in concert with the government to hide these usurpations from the people.  This can happen no longer.  Hiding behind the First Amendment of the Constitution in order to assist in the overthrow of the Republic is, at the least, seditious and borders upon treason.

Recent Presidents and Congressional members of both the House and Senate, in conjunction with the Supreme Court have:

Failed to adhere to laws, both legal and just, up to and including the Constitution of these united States of America.

Failed to honor the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, imposing upon the states tyrannical despotism and taking from them and their people, both state and individual sovereignty.

Failed to act as representatives of the people, instead, imposing upon the people laws, regulations and imperial orders that defy their will, thus imposing taxation without representation of their values, which is far worse than without any representation at all.

Failed to honor the rule of law by imposing upon the people a host of regulatory czars who have not been approved by Congress or the people, creating a government within a government, a tyrannical shadow government, operating independent of the constitutionally defined government.

The President, Congress and the Supreme Court have worked in concert to allow an alien invasion of these united States, by directing, through executive fiat, the continued and encouraged, not discouraged, mass immigration of illegal aliens into the united States of America, in order to create a tyrannical majority of voters, dependent upon government largesse.

Recent Presidents and Congress have made the Supreme Court to be dependent upon their will alone, thus endorsing tyranny over rule of law.

A multitude of new offices and agencies has been created, sending forth multitudes of officers, agents and regulations, to wage economic war upon we the people.

In failing to adhere to the Constitution, subjecting the people of these united States of America to jurisdictional foreign agencies, counter to our Constitution, unacknowledged by our laws, giving sway to their directives, thus giving away the sovereignty of the nation and the people.

Protecting those acting illegally, by stonewalling and ignoring investigative efforts into illegal, immoral and unconstitutional acts by said branches of government and their agencies.

The three branches of government have denied the people of the united States of America the right of trial by jury, access to the courts, suspension of habeas corpus – giving the government and its agents the ability to indefinitely detain citizens without trial, the right to privacy, to be secure in their persons and papers, to be void of unreasonable searches and seizures, through unconstitutional laws, such as The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Imposition of taxes and fees upon the people, without consent and with representation counter to the will of the people.

In every instance of tyrannical oppression we the people have sought to Petition for Redress of Grievance, but that process has been severed and made null by the Supreme Court, which ruled that although the Constitution allows for the people to petition for redress of grievance, the Constitution did not direct Congress to respond to said petitions, so Congress was set free from the only venue crafted by the nation’s founders for we the people to act, in cases of tyranny.  Without a formal process for the people to constrain and restrain a tyrannical government, we the people are left to use the revolutionary right granted to us, as part of our natural rights, in order to remove from office those in violation of natural law, Gods law, the Constitution and the will of the people.

The right of the states, to be sovereign, to be free, and for the citizens who reside there to be free, sovereign individuals is a natural right and these people, these states, have the right, obligation and moral determinacy to levy liberty upon the government created by we the people, to re-establish the Constitutional Republic mandated by the rule of law, with the full protection of divine Providence, reliance upon all that is right and good, leaving a legacy of liberty to generations to come.  It is up to us to do as the founders of this great nation did, to pledge allegiance to one another, to pledge our lives, our way(s) of life and our sacred honor to each other, to liberty and to the restoration of our natural rights.  Self-governance through the Constitution is dependent upon all of us standing as one, to restore the Republic.

Doc Liberty

Sign this Re-Declaration by posting in the comments and forwarding the URL.  God bless the united States of America.


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2 responses to “Re-Declaration of Independence”

  1. Janice Rios says :

    I support this 100%

  2. Gloria SkowronskI says :

    These people even the president work for us .does not look like he is remembering this at all. .to me it looks like hehe wants to be dictator or king were his word is Law We the people!!!

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