Follow The Damn Constitution

The United States of America has become a paradoxical enigma under President Obama.  Enigmas are tolerable, if wrapped in bacon, thus limiting the involvement of Islam, but without bacon, these enigmas become pesky issues to contend with.  There are now three distinct groups in America, with various splinter factions, fighting for their place in society.  These three groups, “the right” (Conservatives, Libertarians, people with intellectual integrity, people who pay taxes), “the left” (Socialists, Marxists, Communists, takers, those too lazy to work, seeking to suck at the government tit), “independents” (Somewhat libertarian, fiscally conservative, socially libertarian, pay taxes, want to be left alone) dominate most of the political process in America.  While offshoots of these groups, such as, evangelicals, elitists, and soccer moms often fight for individual issues, the bulk of their actions can be categorized into one of the three primary groups.  The right and left tend to be very active and very vocal politically, whereas the independents tend to keep their heads down and just try to live life without hassle. 

It is time to examine some of the enigmas that cause most Americans to shake their heads and try to understand just what the f**k is wrong with these people:

*  The left is in favor of killing babies, but they won’t call it dismemberment of a human being, identifying themselves as baby killers, instead, they say they are “Pro-Choice”.  But, most of these “pro-choice” people are not in favor of choice when it comes to gun ownership or the death penalty.  They see gun ownership as wrong, as you can perform a retroactive abortion on some scumbag, with a gun.  These baby killers also see the death penalty as wrong, even though it is just a really late term abortion, and unlike their unborn child that is ripped from their bodies, torn asunder, society knows the convict is not a productive member of society.  Any critical thinking person would struggle to see what the left sees as rational in this matter.

*  The right sees baby killing as wrong, but the death penalty as right.  After all, the baby could grow up to be a productive member of society, but the death row criminal has proven himself to be a scourge of society.  A rational argument can be made for this line of thinking, but killing is still killing.  The dichotomy of an enigma is just that.

*  The pro-choice (pro baby killing) left thinks everyone should be able to have an abortion, to facilitate their choice, but they tend to be against everyone being able to own firearms, because guns kill (as if abortion doesn’t).  The right thinks everyone can own a gun and defend themselves, but shouldn’t kill babies.  Only the independents tend to see the dichotomy and recognize that if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one and if you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one, but leave people alone to decide for them.  Only the independents demonstrate “choice”. 

*  The left believes it has a natural right to take from those who are successful and give to those who are not.  The right believes the government should stop all of this namby pamby coddling of those who are unwilling to work hard and change their lot in life.  Whereas, the independents understand the need for a safety net for those who fall upon hard times, but only want it as a safety net, not a lifestyle choice.  Independents see taxes as an obligation, provided they aren’t excessive and provided they aren’t used to prop up those who think they are owed a living.  “Fair share” is a term thrown around a lot lately under our Marxist leader and only the Independents seem to have a firm grasp on that term.

*  The right does not believe in “global warming” AKA “climate change”.  The left believes that the earth has a cold and we the people are the cause of global warming.  Independents tend see global warming for what it is…a cyclical event, that if it did not exist, would have resulted in North America still being covered by a glacier.  Independents recognize that it gets warmer during the day and colder at night, hence “climate change”.

Any clear thinking person, any person capable of rational thought, should be able to recognize that the “right” is not completely “right”, the “left” is mostly wrong and the “independents” seem to have a firmer grasp on reality, they just don’t participate in politics like the other two groups, to the same extent.  Face it, the left wipes their collective ass with the Constitution, the right believes the Constitution grants them moral superiority and the independents would just like to follow the Constitution. 

The Constitution is the law of the land.  Well, it should be.  Follow the damn Constitution and everyone quit whining.  Anyone who wants a gun and can legally own one, should have one, with the largest magazine they can find and purchase, the Constitution says so.  Anyone who wants an abortion should be able to live in a state that allows them (as it is a state’s rights issue, since the Constitution is silent on it and abortion has existed since sex came to be) and kill as many babies as they want.  Those opposed to abortion, don’t have one; those opposed to guns, don’t buy one.  Follow the damn Constitution. 

The Constitution doesn’t say that you are owed a living.  Should you leeches upon society be tossed off the welfare rolls?  Yes, if you are sucking the tit of government and your fellow taxpayers are supporting you, not because of a bump in the road, but because you’ve chosen to go down the road of being a drag upon the society.  The independents have taken the concept of a social safety net and embraced it.  Morally, that is the correct approach.  But, the Constitution is silent, thus making it a state’s rights issue.  So, if you want a social safety net, move to a state that allows for it, if not shut up and follow the rule of law. 

The bottom line is this, my fellow Americans:  Follow the damn Constitution.  Make the federal government follow the damn Constitution.  Make the states adhere to their Constitutions.  If you are unwilling to follow the rule of law, unwilling to follow the Constitution, gather at the southern tip of Florida and organize a boat lift to Cuba or some other nanny state, third world country.  Have a nice life you immoral, tyrannical pieces of human fecal material.  I’ll follow the Constitution (if this offends you, kiss my dick, the Constitution allows me this freedom you communist, Marxist, punk bitch).

Doc Liberty – Ambassador of Good Will


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