The Communist Code In The State Of The Union Address

The State of the Union speech given by B. Hussein Obama was a coded, Marxist message to his devotees, who clapped and lapped it up like Kool Aid drinkers at Jonestown.  How can that be you ask?  I listened to it, or listened to parts of it, or read about it and no one, not the media, not the conservative radio show and news show hosts said anything about that…how is it that he could do that and no one heard it?  It could be, that only those in America familiar with the Communist Manifesto heard it.  The majority of Americans, independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, are not students of the Marxist bible and thus do not hear the code words and phrases, they just hear more progressive babble.  The State of the Union speech went much further than progressive babble and B. Hussein Obama’s communist handlers must have been very proud.

In the State of the Union (SOTU) speech, President Obama rolled out plans for a “living wage” in America.  While this sounds innocuous on its face, it is communist speak for each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  Obama wants to tie the minimum wage to the “Cost of Living Index”, making it a “living wage”.  This is a tried and proven recipe for disaster.  The so called “living wage” was tried in over eighty cities in America and in each case, jobs were lost and the economy collapsed in those cities, despite increases in employment in the surrounding areas.  The living wage philosophy comes right out of chapter two in the Communist Manifesto.  Part of the SOTU is the demand that Congress pass the Paycheck Fairness Act.  We have the 1963 Equal Pay Act that doesn’t allow discrimination, so what is the Paycheck Fairness Act?  It would give the government the ability to tell a PRIVATE company what a fair wage is for their employees and force them to pay the higher wage.  The Paycheck Fairness Act nationalizes the entire private workforce, a huge gift to the unions and the largest power grab in American history.  If this bill passes, the United States of America shall become a complete communist country. 

During the SOTU B. Hussein Obama said there would be healthcare rationing under Obamacare.  Death panels are real and Obama said they are coming.  Never mind what your doctor says you should have, you will have the same healthcare as everyone else, the care the government says you CAN have.  If you are over forty five years of age or under fifteen, you are not a productive member of society; Remember, it is “each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.  You shall be denied proper treatment, as the needs of the many outweigh your needs.  Piss on you and your family.  This is the new America, the Soviet America. 

During the SOTU you heard Comrade Barack talk about immigration reform, but if you were not listening to his coded message, you missed the part about his granting defacto amnesty, regardless of Congress.  Illegals will be given voting rights while their citizenship status is being determined.  This is part of the ‘reformation’ of the electoral process B. Hussein Obama spoke about.  The other part has to do with abolishing the electoral college, so they popular vote drives elections, thus allowing the left and right coasts, along with the illegal aliens given voting rights, securing a communist government, doling out benefits to the masses, ensuring they continue to elect communists (Democrats). 

Let us examine the other points, in rapid fire, to illustrate the darkness of the coming communist storm:

*  How and why is Obama going to weaken America, using the flexibility he was caught on a hot mic talking about, prior to the election?  The Obama communist regime must weaken America’s defense, to appease Russia, North Korea and Islam. 

Why is Obama finally going to Israel?  It is his time to tell Israel to stand down regarding Iran and to ruin Israel by changing their borders, allowing Hamas the ability to destroy Israel. 

Obama’s biggest fear is that Congress and the media will begin to expose what happened in Benghazi.  This, aside from open revolution, either through civil or uncivil disobedience, is the only way to destroy the communist Obama regime.  The GOP keeps focusing on the lack of security in Benghazi…it isn’t about a lack of security, as this secret facility could not have had security, or it would have been exposed and the true operations running out of it would have been exposed.  Is the GOP stupid or part and party to the communist activities?  You decide.  The “consulate” in Benghazi wasn’t even known to the Libyan government, why?  Because Obama is gun running to Al Qaeda, our enemy, building a shadow army of Islamic radicals, coinciding with the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of our military.  The paranoia running rampant in the communist Obama regime is like the paranoia in the former Soviet Union and current Russian regime, sparking a massive surveillance operation against US citizens, under the Obama administration. 

It comes down to one simple fact:  We are no longer free, we are a communist country.  Let that sink in…we have become a Soviet style regime, complete with the Department of Homeland Security and all of its sub agencies, including the FBI, DEA, ATF and such, doing the bidding of the communist tyrants, including sending their agents to threaten and intimidate people like us, who are using the First Amendment, to tell the truth and expose what is really happening in America.

Doc Liberty – Live Free!


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2 responses to “The Communist Code In The State Of The Union Address”

  1. avenge911now says :

    Twelve years later and the jews still haven’t paid for murdering 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

    Americans, is it because you’re retarded and haven’t figured it out yet or are you just chickenshit? Why are these enemy combatants still walking around free? Take ’em out.

    You’ve been killing the wrong people for over a decade now. Surely you’re not stupid enough to believe the LORD will just let you get away with it. Stop selling out America to the founders of communism ( and turn your guns on those who deserve it.

    Here’s your list:

    • docrevolution says :

      After having read your bigotry I am now at a loss for rational thought as you’ve managed to take something simple and turn it into complete bullshit while still sounding as if your parents are blood relatives.

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