It Is Your Fault

It is your fault.  All of it.  Let that sink in.  You bought the ticket, strapped yourself into ride and then gave control to the GOP thinking that they would run the rollercoaster better than the tattooed, ex con, junkie, liberal who usually operates the rides.  Wrong.  The Democrats want to control your life and spend every dime they can borrow or steal via taxes.  The Republicans want to control your life and spend every dime they can borrow or steal via taxes.   At least the Republicans do it for profit; the Democrats do it for fun.  Either way, it is your fault.  You voted for these tyrants, alcoholics, pederasts, miscreants and thieves, expecting them to perform, to honor oaths to a document they don’t understand and may never have read, often times re-electing these clowns, thus endorsing their behavior (like giving a crack head some crack and expecting them to bring back the Blu-ray player they stole from you) and yet, you continue to expect them to change, to honor what they say during the campaign.  Honor is the key word here…aside from Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Representative Bridenstine, there isn’t much honor among the thieves in Congress.  But, all of this is your fault. 

You allowed the establishment GOP to call the shots, run the elections and determine the candidates.  Karl Rove is a loser.  Rove has backed the wrong candidates, including Bush over Reagan, but he is called “the architect” not “the joker”…why?  The Tea Party darling, Sarah Palin, endorsed a McCain clone, Vaughn Ward, over Idaho Senator Raul Labrador, a man with a one hundred percent conservative voting record in the state senate.  Thankfully, the real Tea Party, not the GOP establishment Tea Party Express, put boots on the ground and got a conservative elected.  While Palin is more Tea Party than establishment, she has her establishment moments.  The chair of the RNC is like the presidential primaries…..trot out a bunch of establishment losers, knowing one of the losers will win.  If you are the winner in a field of losers, you are still a loser….it is kind of like winning the Special Olympics.  But, year after year, since Reagan busted through the barrier, the GOP has made sure the person whose turn it is wins the nomination for President.  It is your fault.

Now that we have established that this is your fault…and mine, what is to be done?  It is time to put in work, do the heavy lifting, all the things we ignored before.  Never mind that BS about infiltrating the GOP, about taking back the precincts and restoring the party, it is all propaganda and feel good crap.  It is time for action.  It is time to show up at your counties Central Committee Meetings, protesting, raising hell, burning the GOP in effigy and calling the cops on yourselves for your outlandish behavior.  Why?  Because it will bring the liberal media, slobbering all over themselves excited about a split in the party.  The message will resonate with libertarians and conservatives alike.  Recruit them, run with it.  The following month, show up for the meeting, attend, disrupt if needed, chant, demand that the establishment be thrown out and free/fair elections be held.  Call the cops again.  Revel in your new found press, make the most of it…crush the RINO’s.  On the way home, have a beer and a slice, you deserve it.  All of this is your fault. 

You aren’t done yet, in fact, you are just getting started on the road to freedom.  It is imperative that you push candidates in the primaries that are not politicians, but are instead, statesmen, people who can articulate the message of liberty over tyranny.  Never mind what the Karl Rove’s of the party will tell you….America is ready for candidates who are not politicians, are not wired in, not insiders and are, above all, men and women of honor.  Some of these people may have an arrest or two in their past, maybe a bankruptcy, they might even have inhaled (which is the point), but have moved past that and stand for what is right….push these people to run…to speak the truth, call out their opposition, be honest, forceful and funny.  These candidates must be real, like the people you have over for a party, tailgate with, fish or hunt with, they need to be liberty minded Americans…they don’t have to be models, politicians or even college graduates.  America faces a common sense shortage.  A Congress full of college graduates got us here, while the rest of us were at work….not it is time for us to put in work, kick some RINO ass, then kick some liberal, er, communist ass and restore American greatness.  You either accept responsibility for your actions and reverse course now, acting in an honorable manner or you hang your head in shame, like a coward, as there is no middle ground on this issue.  Freedom needs action.  You must go as far as is needed, further than you may imagine.  I am with you, I have been from the beginning.  I’ve been detained, numerous times, for speaking the truth.  Do not fear your government, know your rights and make them fear you.  Bow to no man, to no tyrant, bend your knee for no one who does not deserve your respect.  Rise my patriots, for you are the new founders, the new patriots, the new freedom fighters in America and your time is now. 

Doc Liberty – It is your fault and mine


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