Boehner Is A Tool Of The Left

The GOP establishment and leadership is either corrupt or inept.  It is also possible that they are a bit of both.  Speaker Boehner, the spray tanned, crying drunk who has wormed his way into the position of Speaker of the House, not because he is a leader, but because it is his time….one of the problems with the Republican Party…it is a boys club that operates on seniority.  Boehner exemplifies all that is wrong with the GOP, being that he is a career politician, a liberal, someone who does not know the Constitution, but instead knows how to claw his way to the top of the dung heap, becoming chief dung beetle. 

Boehner and the GOP in Congress begin each negotiation with Barack Obama and the Communist Party, from a position of weakness and then surrender, even that.  The GOP should begin negotiations starting with the Constitution and ending with the Constitution, no more, no less.  Obama wants restrictions on firearms….there is nothing in the 2nd Amendment that allows for that, so any conversation should not begin with negotiations from where we are now, but rather from the standpoint of the Constitution.  It will infuriate the Marxist liberals and that, in and of itself is a plus, but it also is the law of the land.  There can be no compromise on the Constitution and on principle.  It is time the GOP took a hardline stance on liberty, anything less is failure.  While the GOP establishment may be failures, “we the people are not”. 

Boehner has folded like a cheap chair under the weight of Michelle Obama every time he attempts to negotiate for anything with Barack.  For crying out loud, Boehner raised taxes and was proud of himself for being a failure.  Give him a participation ribbon and send him packing, right back to Ohio, where his constituents can beat him like a rented mule and run him out of town.  It is time to put out the fire with gasoline.  There will be no negotiation on sequestration.  There will be no tax increases.  There will be no gun control, unless we are aiming at something.  All current restrictions on firearms must be lifted, now.  Let the libs go into a panic over that….we do not compromise.  We follow the Constitution and if either party wants to legislate a change to the Constitution, they use the amendment process or they do nothing.  We are Americans and as such, we stand with the Constitution, the rule of law and we do not shrink from our duty to uphold and defend it. 

As an American, as part of the civil society, governed by the rule of law, we the people shall never compromise on principle, never shy away from the Constitution and we will ensure that our founding document is enforced.  No more “super committee” or anything else that abdicates control as dictated by the Constitution, to any other entity and this includes the Senates failure to produce a budget, Boehner and the GOP’s desire to abdicate sequestration cuts to B. Hussein Obama or any other illegal, unconstitutional, immoral or repulsive act.  We must do what the liberal, communist, no good, disgusting members of the GOP establishment won’t do.  We must act in a Constitutional manner, even if the rats in our party shall not.

Doc Liberty – Standing Just Right Of Reagan


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2 responses to “Boehner Is A Tool Of The Left”

  1. govogue says :

    John Boehner is, sadly, a disappointment. He is allowing cruel intimidation to weaken him. He is not the only one “falling away”……..losing backbone; all of which is disgusting. Has he been brainwashed, along with others….NOT living up to their campaign promises? Shameful!!!

    Also, and clearly obvious, is the fact that any ‘common sense’ amendment proposal by any GOP member is ‘cruelly and wrongfully’ DOA in the Senate, i.e., knowingly corrupt Harry Reid.
    “We the People” are NOT satisfied. Neither are we stupid. We are fed up!

    There are so many crazy government ‘studies’…….multitudes of them……ALL “Wasteful Spending”—- on outrageous and worthless programs. Ignorance and foul play are outrageous!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog. A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

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