The GOP Is Dead To Me


The GOP is dead to me.  Dead.  To. Me.

The GOP tried to stop the Tea Party movement in 2010 using Karl Rove to attack and disparage candidates, Sarah Palin endorsing RINO candidates like Vaughn Ward, a McCain, McRino and so much more.  In 2012 the GOP trotted out Romney, as it was “his turn”; that worked out well didn’t it?  Now, Karl Rove appoints himself kingmaker and decides that, despite being on the wrong side of history and not endorsing Reagan, being the architect of a the Bush/Gore debacle, in which Bush lost the popular vote but managed to win the Electoral College, that he can save the GOP.  Bullshit.  Karl Rove exemplifies the establishment side of the GOP, he is all that is wrong with the GOP. 

The GOP corrupted the Tea Party, infiltrated the movement using the Tea Party Express and key players who are mere GOP tools.  The GOP has corrupted CPAC, keeping out conservatives like Pam Geller and allowing Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor and a host of other liberal Republicans key speaking roles.  The Conservative Political Action Committee, that was founded to counter the weakness within the GOP has, itself, become weak.  The GOP is dead to me.

I will not give a dime to the Republican National Committee, the GOP or any PAC run by Karl Rove or his minions.  I will provide my time and money to true conservatives, libertarians and other candidates that I choose to.  These candidates will also get my support phone banking, canvassing or any other method that will benefit them.  However, I would not walk across the road to urinate on any of the GOP establishment, even if they were on fire.  It would be a complete waste of urine.

Karl Rove – Dead to me

Eric Cantor – Dead to me

John Boehner – Dead to me

RNC – Dead to me

GOP – Dead to me

Any and all of the GOP establishment tools are dead to me.

Doc Liberty – Freeing My Mind, Body & Soul


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One response to “The GOP Is Dead To Me”

  1. carolinasistah says :

    Powerful and passionate post! As an Independent, I support what you say, but I’d rather see the ‘right’ come together and win!

    “Mt 12:25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”

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