What America Needs

America has had a long standing history of electing politicians as President, with the exception of one statesman, Ronald Reagan.  Politicians have ruined the American economy, currency, military and standing in the world.  The United States of America and we the people, need a statesman, a leader, someone who will do the tough things, the things that must be done if we are to be free, prosperous and safe.  Politicians check the polls, check their watch and consult the horoscopes before making a decision.  Statesmen do what must be done, informing and educating the people along the way, seeking buy in, but unafraid to make the tough decisions, as the country moves forward. 

The national debt, the real debt that includes unfunded liabilities is over ninety trillion dollars.  Let that sink in.  Ninety trillion is a lot of money, it makes the almost seventeen trillion that everyone mentions seem reasonable, which it isn’t.  This massive debt, created by Presidents past, particularly George W. Bush and the current President, Barack Hussein Obama, is the greatest threat America has ever faced.  The national security risk is tremendous, but so is the threat to the American family, the American citizens and generations of citizens to come.  Because America is part of a global economy, we must be strong enough to survive a collapse of Russia, China, the Eurozone or all three; as it stands now, America is poised to take them down when the collapse comes.  B. Hussein Obama, Congress, the Democrats and Republicans have presided over the largest tax hike in American history, allowing for the largest tax revenues (also known as theft) in US history.  This redistribution of money from we the people to the government must stop.  It is imperative that we accomplish the following:

*  Lower tax rates:  Across the board lower rates by 5% immediately.

*  A flat tax:  No deductions, just a flat rate that the government must stay within.

*  A Balanced Budget Amendment:  It must pass both houses of Congress and be sent to the states for ratification.

*  A line item veto or ban on earmarks:  Whatever the people will, it should be put up as an amendment.

*  Repeal of Obamacare:  At the very least defunding of Obamacare.

*  A Constitutional Amendment that addresses term limits for Congress (both houses) and establishing a part time Congress:  Congress will have 90 days a year to get budgetary issues taken care of.  In case of war, the War Powers Act gives President authority to act, while Congress is recalled to address the issue.  A part time Congress cuts down on lobbyists, corruption and waste, reduces salaries by ¾ and allows for a citizen Congress.

*  All cabinet secretaries will have to lower their budgets by 5% a year, except for Defense. Defense will be tasked with finding waste equal to 5% and cutting it, reallocating those funds for other military purposes.

* Select cabinet positions will have six months to devise a plan to shut down their agency and another year to accomplish the shutdown:  The following departments must go – Commerce, Labor, Health & Human Services, Housing & Urban Development, Energy, Education, EPA, and Small Business Administration (parts of which will be absorbed by Treasury). 

*  The following cabinet secretaries will have 90 days to justify the continued existence of all or part of their agencies:  DOJ, Interior, Agriculture, Transportation, Homeland Security, including TSA.

Once a fair or flat tax is implemented, the IRS will be reduced drastically in size and scope, with remaining agents left to audit corporate entities, 501C3’s and small businesses.  The savings created by these closures and vacancies will be used to pay down the deficit until thirty six months have passed or a balance budget amendment is passed. 

The current stimulus, the one Obama said was a onetime expenditure, but has become part of the baseline budget, will be halted immediately upon election.  The reason the budget has not been passed in four years is to cover up the fact that Obama made it part of the baseline budget. 

This is the first in a series of much needed government reforms, to save the Republic.  Once again, it is imperative that America elect a statesman, not a politician in 2016.  The Marxist/communist regime that has taken over the federal government must be halted before America collapses under the weight of its own self-importance and arrogance. 

Doc Liberty – Statesman & Political Ninja


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