Path To Prosperity: Part II Of “What America Needs”

The path to prosperity is paved with ideas, good and bad.  The Obama regime has been a series of bad ideas made worse by he and his staff.  In “What America Needs” Doc Liberty addressed the need for swift, immediate, financial reforms in American government and the elimination of specific agencies.  While that is “What America Needs”, it is only a start, buying time and restoring prosperity to families across the country, but there is another component to this plan that must be addressed, entitlements. 

Social Security and Medicare were raided by administrations past.  Get over it.  What was done is done.  Our problem, as a nation, as investors in both programs, is how to make them work, long term.  No one wants to say it, but the reality is, the amount of people not employed, not paying into the system, combined with the payroll tax holiday and the loss of income brought about by people having to take lesser paying jobs, has driven these programs to the brink of failure.  Intentional or unintentional does not matter.  What matters is that making the changes from “What America Needs” will not only return people to work, it will also lead to an increase in personal income.  The rise of employment and income will help solve the entitlement problem, by returning them to normal funding ranges, but that isn’t enough.  Entitlements must be restored:

*  Obamacare:  It must be repealed or at the least, unfunded going forward.

*  Medicaid:  Allow the states to control the money and the programs they want to put these resources in for their states.

*  Medicare:  A necessary stop gap for the permanently disabled and those over retirement age, but a huge draw on fiscal resources.  Making this program available for the disabled and those 45 and older makes perfect sense.  All others can choose between traditional Medicare or the Paul Ryan voucher program and they will receive benefits accordingly.  However, this change must be done as a Constitutional amendment, in order to make Medicare be a Constitutionally accepted program. 

*  Social Security:  Like Medicare, Social Security (SS) and Social Security Disability (SSD) must be preserved, but with modifications.  There are too many people collecting SSD that are not disabled.  If you are an alcoholic, drug addict or mentally ill, why are you collecting SSD?  You can choose to be sober.  You can choose to be clean.  And, if mentally ill, if taking your medication will allow you to function, then you are not disabled.  An alcoholic or drug addict can choose to be well.  Having that ability (to choose to be well) separates the disabled from those who are not.  Being able to decide to be healthy is not like being a quadriplegic….The quadriplegic cannot decide to have limbs and be healthy.  Combined with ensuring that SSD is not given to the terminally lazy, there needs to be other reforms.  If you are 40 or over, you can choose SS or private investment of the same amount, payroll deducted, into stocks, bonds, precious metals or real estate trusts.  While those closer to retirement age will probably choose SS, those younger may choose to invest elsewhere.  The returns on both shall be tax free and the investment vehicle(s) shall be labeled SSIRA or Social Security Individual Retirement Accounts.  Those under age 40 must decide, by age 25, if they will use SS or SSIRA and all funds paid into the opposite program from the one selected shall be transferred, tax free to the selected account.  It should be noted that if you are not paying into SS and become disabled, it is paramount that you purchase disability insurance as you will be on your own if you choose SSIRA and haven’t funded it well enough should something happen to you. 

This has been part two of our position on economic recovery for America.  Economic failure leads to tyranny and misery; economic success provides for freedom and prosperity.  The next installment will address foreign policy and foreign aid.  Remember, we are in this position because it is your fault and mine.  But we don’t have to be.  Skip the politicians, encourage the statesmen among us to run for office, follow our plan as laid out here and live free. 

Doc Liberty – Statesman & Drone Target


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