A Bipartisan List Of Corrupt Or Anti-American Tools In America

There are many and varied people/groups that have adopted an anti-American agenda, corruption or thuggery through both acts and actions.  It is time to take a look at and identify some of the more egregious:

Barack Obama:  No one imagined one person could do so much damage to America, its economy and its future, so fast, so furious.  Way to go Barry.

Harry Reid:  From his time as a child, swimming the brothel pools while his mom worked, through his shady land deals and his continued corruption, no one in the Senate is as filthy as this dirt bag.

Nancy Pelosi:  She said she would “drain the swamp” but when she did, she left all the corrupt, bottom feeding liberal politicians flopping in the mud.

Southern Poverty Law Center:  Cayman Island banking.  Liberal bias, with a mission to destroy conservatives.  The SPLC is far from the angelic image they have created.

Congressional Black Caucus:  The CBC is a corrupt group, filled with racism.  The corruption in the CBC is typical of all socialist governments throughout history.

Congressional Progressive CaucusSocialists have taken over the Democrat Party.  The Congressional Progressive Caucus is the home of the socialists.  Democratic Socialists of America own the CPC

Chris Matthews:  A divisive, partisan hack who thinks B. Hussein Obama is a “Perfect American”.  Matthews is a special kind of Obama tool and his delusions are truly spectacular, in a disturbing way

Karl Rove:  The man who was on the wrong side of the Reagan Revolution now wants to be king maker in the GOP primaries.  Rove is so crooked he has to screw on his pants.

John BoehnerDrinking and carousing with lobbyists every night and giving bribes from big tobacco on the House floor…the Boehner legacy. 

Eric Cantor:  A little man with a big ego, Representative Cantor threatens the House members who follow the Constitution.  Cantor is dangerous to liberty

Mitch McConnell:  Less than three months into 2013 and McConnell has already made the Scoundrel of the Month list.  McConnell, fearing a challenge, promises to be less corrupt, more conservative, which is like Ray Charles promising to drive well if given a license. 

While there are many, many more corrupt politicians and anti-American tools in America, this is just a sampler, a bipartisan sampler, of the corrupt and loony.  It doesn’t matter which party you are in or if you are independent, I think we can all agree, this nonsense must come to an end.  Now.

Doc Liberty – 2016 Presidential Candidate (Because someone needs to restore prosperity & integrity to America) 


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