Hip Hop, Don’t Stop

I hear the pop

The GOP ain’t on top

They be whacked

Got their funky ass hacked

Karl Rove doin dirt

Makin it hurt


Tea Party infiltrate

Establishment wants to negotiate

Just say no

We aint they ho

GOP establishment got no class

Tryin to get that Tea Party ass


Take a long, hard look

Liberty is what they took

Freedom fightin is the game

Tea Party is the name

Beatin’ back the ‘stablishment GOP

Crushin Dems & libs, you & me


Constitutional theory

Keepin it free


Gone Whack

Kick out RINO trash

CPAC conservative crash


America stands on the brink

Barack telling you what to think

Some Chicago bath house troll

Time for him to take a stroll

Evil ass obamacare

Takin liberty like they just don’t care


Bustin’ out Tomasi, Rolo

Even if we got to go solo

You don’t need feet to make a stand

Reach out and take my hand

We will crush these raggedy ass communists

Politically pummeling them with freedoms fists 


Constitution has the answers big and small

Get off your asses and stand tall

If I can spill it like a GOP Cypress Hill

Ain’t no reason you can’t feel the chill

Be like me

Live free

See what you see

Don’t just wanna be


Put collectivism down low

‘bout to bust it solo

This tyrant Obama ain’t got nothing on me

I’m Constitutional, Tea Party, effing free

Strong like a plane full of napalm

Liberty ain’t never been wrong


If I say it’s safe to make a stand

It is because Doc Liberty is grand

Over the top

Never gonna stop

I know just what to say

F**k Obama and his NDAA


Doc Liberty – MC & Presidential Candidate 2016


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