The Constitution: Defense and Betrayal

The Constitution is the rule of law in America.  The rule of law says that the United States of America is a representative republic, except it isn’t.  No law should be debated behind closed doors in Congress, which is why there are subcommittees.  But, when a group of tyrants take it upon themselves to meet in secret, beyond the reach of the public record, outside of the appropriate subcommittees, while involving big labor and big business, not only is the rule of law at stake, so is liberty.  I have come to expect the Democrats to not follow the rule of law and the last few years the GOP has joined them.  Squishes like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and John Boehner have come to represent all that is wrong with the GOP.  They are part of the establishment, much like Karl Rove, the Islamicist Grover Norquist and those that co-opted the Tea Party movement.  However, seeing Marco Rubio join them, one of the so called, “Young Guns” of the GOP, shows just how easily a “conservative” can become a squish, a party tool.  This should alarm the Democrats too.

If both parties are getting together, cutting backroom deals, ignoring the rule of law, it may favor the left now, but sooner or later the winds of change will blow cold and those on the right will become favored.  Tyranny has a way of becoming fascism and iron fisted.  When that happens, no one is safe, for anyone not at the top is food for those who are.  For all of the noise about America winning the cold war, it is apparent the Soviets won.

The communists in the Democrat party have spent decades infiltrating the GOP, content to be called Republicans In Name Only (RINO).  The Islamic uprising around the globe has accelerated the New World Order (NWO), a happening that will leave Islam with a large global stake in governing, the statist communists with a large global stake and the statist corporatists with a large stake in the NWO.  The arrogance of the statists, both the Marxists and the corporatists has allowed them to believe that they can assuage Islam, containing it and not having to confront it.  Islam is not going to go away, just by capitulating to it.  Think this an outlandish conspiracy?  Read the Bible, the Koran and a forty odd year old book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy” and you too will begin to see the big picture, not just the pieces. 

Seeing it is the beginning, not the end.  One must see it, accept it and make a decision about what they will do about it.  Not deciding is still a decision.  Does this have your attention?  I hope so, your future is at stake.  Are you interested?  You better be, with or without you, it is happening.  Have you made your decision?  You shouldn’t postpone it, you need to decide to solve the problem or be the problem.  And, the hard part, action.  Are you willing to put down the remote and take action, or will you make excuses until you have no rights left?

Doc Liberty – AIDA…Attention.  Interest.  Decision.  Action.


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