Open Letter To All Of America

America’s path to prosperity is not related to any political party, to swing voters or to any specific political issue.  The path to prosperity is a combination of ideas that must be implemented, adhered to and followed.  The Constitution is the guiding light and the solution, provided it is followed, honored and not abused as it has been for decades.  It is time for a leader, not a politician, someone to make change in America, the kind of change that will restore prosperity to everyone, the kind of change that will cut the legs out from under those who ignored ethics, rule of law and common sense, to create this mess.  There is certainly enough blame to go around; Face it, Boehner, McConnell, Pelosi, Reid and Obama are just the tip of the ice berg.  This problem goes far beyond elected officials…it lays at the feet of us, the voters and those who choose not to vote.  We allowed this to happen.  Now we must fix it.  I am offering to do the heavy lifting for this.  Someone has to do it and I have no skin in the game, other than love of country, of God, of liberty, and freedom for all.  I love America and it’s people, all of its people, including the reporters and politicians who are taking shots at the average American who dares upset the corrupt status quo.  You will have to kill me, to quiet me, and even then, this movement to restore prosperity in America will prevail because it isn’t my idea, it is the people’s idea.  You can kill the man, kill the messenger, but the message is out of the bottle, the plans are out there, the people have spoken and they want liberty, freedom, prosperity and they will not stop until they have it.

To restore prosperity to America as a leader in the world, to restore prosperity to its people and their families, friends and even to their enemies, as a rising tide lifts all ships, there are some simple steps that must be taken and some sacrifices we must all face.  I’m not going to ramble on about “shared sacrifice” as that has become the mantra of the tyrant.  They “share” sacrifice by making you sacrifice and they reap the benefits of it.  I’m not one of them and neither are you.  There should not be a “them” or an “us”, there should only be “We the people” as the government exists at the will of the people, the politicians exist solely to serve their fellow citizens and each one of us is obligated to serve the nation, as a whole, so that we can live free of worry, travel without risk and send our children and our children’s children out of the home without worry.  To do this, we must make some “radical” changes.  I say “radical” because following the Constitution has been labeled as “radical” by those who hate liberty and seek to destroy America.  The biggest threat to liberty, to you and I, are those who want the government to coddle them, are those who are tied to the Marxist ideology and abhor individual responsibility.  To all of America, I say, “Come with me if you want to be free”:

*  Taxes must be cut, across the board.  Government is not suffering from not enough money, it is suffering from too much spending.

*  Agencies must be eliminated.  Listed above are two links to articles on prosperity, that I have written, in them are lists of things that much be done.  Two examples of this are the Department of Education (money flows in, expenses siphoned off and money flows out…let the states manage their education, per the Constitution and stop bleeding money out of the system, solely to make the system bigger.  Our children deserve better.) and the Department of Energy (Started under Jimmy Carter, to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, which was 25% at the time.  We are now 75% dependent upon foreign oil and the response is windmills and the sun, which was fashionable in the 7th century. Let business find the solution, since business will reap the rewards and as investors through our retirement plans, or employees of these companies, so will we).

*  Repeal Obamacare.  It is a massive tax.  It is an administrative boondoggle.  It is raising the cost of healthcare and healthcare insurance.  Why?  Because this massive government program creates a layer of bureaucracy between the insurance companies, the healthcare providers and you, the people…..someone has to pay for that and it is going to be us.  Just like the Education Department, money flows in, government bleeds off what it needs to pay for all of this government growth and money kind of sort of goes out, but not really.

*  Bring down the cost of healthcare and health insurance simply by eliminating Obamacare, allowing insurance companies to compete nationwide, across state lines, like auto insurers, creating competition for your money and competition among doctors and hospitals to accept their products, thus, lowering your costs.  Get the government out of your life.

*  Jobs.  So far, the only jobs Barack Obama and the left have been interested in are head and hand.  It is time to actually get people back to work in America, feeling good about themselves, taking care of their families and living the life they want to be accustomed too.  Lowering taxes is a start.  Repealing Obamacare is a big help, as full time work should not be 28 hours a week.  Eliminating the EPA and repealing the job killing regulations that do nothing but give control of your businesses to the government (Listen to the Adam Carolla podcast with Gavin Newsom, notorious liberal, who rants about having to install a mop sink in a carpeted business).

*  Restore spending on national defense, not only for the protection of our nation and its people, but to get people back to work, at jobs that can become careers, pay well, have benefits and allow people to live their dream.

*  Drill baby drill.  There are plenty of places that can safely be drilled, without endangering wildlife and nature.  Anwar is a start.  Anwar is not the asshole of the universe, but it is close enough to see the toilet paper go by.  The Alaska Pipeline, that Joe Biden voted against, has plentiful wildlife around it and has been an economic boon to the people of Alaska.  If you oppose drilling in Anwar, you approve giving money to people who want to kill us, in the OPEC nations.

*  Bring home our troops from Afghanistan.  There are plenty of bad people in the world to kill, but it is time to stop sending our people to a nation that hates us.  Oh, and as for foreign aid to Afghanistan, if we send any, it will come in the form of cruise missiles and carpet bombing.

*  Foreign aid:  Israel, yes, for specific projects.  All others need to re-apply.  Note, if you hate America, you are not getting a dime.  If you harbor terrorists, you will get nothing but Hellfire missiles.  If most of your population is flooding into America (pay attention Mexico) and are packing in dope while doing so, you need to secure your side of the border, accept back your people and assist in building a border wall.  If the Chinese built the Great Wall, surely we can build a lethal fence.  When the lights flicker, send someone out to pull the drug mule off of the fence.

*  Immigration…..we don’t need to address this, we need to address the sink hole that is Medicare and Social Security.  The Ryan Plan, with some minor tweaks is a path to prosperity for these programs.  We’ll get back to immigration in a few years.

*  Medicare/Social Security (see above).

*  Government corruption:  No more of these year long House Ethics Committee investigations.  A special prosecutor’s office will be opened and if you are in government, elected, appointed, or hired, and are corrupt, you will be part of the growing prison industry.  All of you.  No exceptions.  There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Doc Liberty.

Now, there is much more to do, but none of it will matter if government spending isn’t drastically cut, taxes drastically cut, regulations rolled back, Obamacare killed off immediately and jobs are not created in the private industry.  Business owners and those who want to own a business must be allowed to succeed.  Government needs to get its boot off of the neck of the people.  Government corruption, all of it, must be halted and a special prosecutor’s office that WILL NOT make plea deals that do not involve repayment, prison time, resignation from office immediately and full disclosure of other participants.

This is your America.  This is my America.  This is our country, our home and it is what we make it.  So far, we have allowed the current crop of elected officials to run wild after selling their souls to get elected.  The time for corruption, moral and otherwise, has come to an end.  We the people say NO to politicians, political solutions and the nonsense of partisan solutions.  Comedian Lewis Black said it best, ‘The only thing worse than a Democrat or a Republican is when they work together.  The Democrats are the party of no ideas.  The GOP has become the party of bad ideas.  In Congress, a Republican will stand up and say, “I’ve got a bad idea” and a Democrat will stand and say, “And, I can make it shittier”’.  Face it, bipartisan solutions have been the root of most of the evils in government today.  There is no room for ideas that are outside the rule of law.  Don’t like the Constitution?  Amend it.  That is the rule of law.  I works.  It has been amended many times and when an amendment was a failure, like prohibition, it was repealed.  We all need to follow the rule of law.  If the laws make no sense, like those policies from the DOE and EPA, get rid of them, the laws and if needed, the departments.  Together, we can restore prosperity to America.  We do not need political parties, we just need common sense and the will to do it.  If you choose to help me, to help us, to help America, I thank you.  If you choose to do nothing, and nothing changes, or change comes and it is worse, choosing to do nothing was a choice.  I, we, the United States of America, cannot do this without you.  Thank you.

Doc Liberty – Aspiring Leader of the USA

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One response to “Open Letter To All Of America”

  1. Rodriguez says :

    Such knowledge on matters of State and doctrine of the great country we live in should be taught to the masses. You should be a public speaker and openly share more of the messages you have. I appreciate your messages and zeal.

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