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Why is Alex Jones able to attack the government with conspiracy theories, with lies and half-truths and not be arrested?  Is it because he tells the truth?  Is it because the government thinks he will go away if ignored?  Is there some nefarious reason for Alex Jones to do what he does and still walk free among us? 

Does Alex Jones tell the truth?  Sometimes, yes, sometimes it is a blend of the truth and conspiracy and sometimes it is just conspiracy.  Free speech explains away some of why Alex Jones is still on the air, but not all of it.  Free speech only goes as far as truth goes.  When truth is derailed, free speech comes with a price tag.  It doesn’t appear Alex Jones has paid the price.

Does the government believe that Jones will go away if ignored?  If that is the case, the government is fighting a losing proposition, as Alex Jones is becoming more popular.  Maybe Jones is just a tool, knowingly or unknowingly, to distract a segment of the population away from the reality of living in these strange days? 

Before Alex Jones climbed to the top of the heap of conspiracy theorists, there was a guy named Hal Turner.  Hal was supposed to be the man, King Conspiracy, instead, he turned out to be King Rat, an FBI stooge.  For years, this king of conspiracy, the master of racism, the speaker of truth and light, was merely a filthy snitch.  Is Alex Jones a no good rat bastard?  Who knows?  What I do know is, he says more, does more and faces no government resistance.  Why?

Only the feds and Alex Jones know the truth.  But, like with Hal Turner, sooner or later the truth will come out.  Alex Jones will either be a truth teller and liberator, or he will be a no good, filthy snitch like his pal Hal.  Only time will tell.

Doc Liberty – Follow The White Rabbit

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6 responses to “Follow The White Rabbit…”

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says :

    When did freedom of speech get changed to your way of what is free speech and what is not? If freedom of speech only apply to those that tell the truth, then most of Washington and the White House should be jailed for telling the american citizens that certain things are true that have been proven to be false?

    • docrevolution says :

      Free speech has always come with responsibility for the truth. We as a society have allowed the media and the politicians to fail to be truth tellers. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says :

        Show me where in the constitution the thing about freespeech being limited. I don’t blame myself for the media and the government lying. Just another example of corruption in our government and no one is doing anything about it. So why don’t You do something about it. Write to your congressman or woman and demand an answer. I’ve written mine, but the government no longer listens to it citizens.

      • Yvonne says :

        I do not think decent, patriotic, God-fearing people can be blamed for the liberal media’s continuing lies and cover-ups for Obama. Personally, I am devastated because NO ONE…….NO GROUP will demand punishment for the misinformation intentionally spread on networks you are well aware of. Despicable! I do not feel like I am living in what WAS America, and I blame the corruption on Liberals. Nothing is sacred to them.

      • docrevolution says :

        If you watch network tv, read liberal newspapers and use their websites, you are feeding the beast. Stop feeding the beast. I can blame Americans for contributing to what the networks do because Americans keep watching. Doc Liberty – Pissed Off Soldier of Fortune.

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