Welcome To My Nightmare

Welcome to my nightmare, as Alice Cooper sang.  Welcome to the breakdown of the civilized society.  It has been rolling forward for almost a century, like a freight train ascending a great mountain pass, slowly grinding against the freedom that is inside of each one of us.  Although the pace was slow, it was forever steady and now that it is starting down the other side we have taken notice, because it is picking up steam, moving faster and faster, shaking the very foundations of liberty and family as it hurls towards destiny.  Note, I said “destiny” not victory.  Whether the forces of evil, the crushing weight of communism destroys the civilized society or not has yet to be determined.  There will be an ending, but will it be the train of tyranny rolling over the formerly free people, or will it be “we the people” derailing the train?  Welcome to my nightmare, indeed.

The Marxist rat bastards who have been driving the tyranny train offer no quarter.  It is time for free people, we the people of the United States of America, stand up and derail the train.  Ask no quarter from the evil before us and offer none in return.  They are not worthy of pity or mercy.  We must push back, with every fiber of our being, to crush them.  We cannot push the train back up the hill, for that takes too long and most of the people are weary (besides, look what’s happening with American Idol).  We can run the train from the tracks and without mercy level the shoulders of those who offer us no quarter.  The Godless Marxists shall not prevail over the will of the people if we stand united. 

Do you think the government is trying to abolish private property?  They are.  The Fourteenth Amendment, along with zoning, school/property taxes and the ability of the government to confiscate your property for what they deem to be a “higher use” like condo’s (which pay more in taxes than you do) combine to slowly shift property into the hands of tyrants.  Under Obama, the Bureau of Land Management has made the largest grab of public lands in history, stealing from the states, lands full of oil, minerals and natural gas, keeping them from easing the burden upon the states and their residents.  Welcome to Ameritopia, as Mark Levin would say.

Is a progressive and heavy income tax at the state and federal level paying “your fair share” or is it theft, punishment for being a success?  The Sixteenth Amendment fuels the beast, the federal leviathan that exists solely to grow, like the blob that it is.  The Department of Education is a prime example of this:  It takes money from taxpayers, funds the blob that is the DOE and trickles (more like a golden shower) money down to the states for education.  If the money was kept at the state and local level and wasn’t funding this middle man, how much more money would go to education?  Or, do I dare say it, lower taxes?  The federal government is like the mob and our taxes are the protection we pay to avoid the knuckle draggers.  Who would pay if the IRS and prison didn’t stand there, at the ready? Few.  Very few. 

Do you believe your heirs have the right to your property upon your death?  It is commonly accepted that we can leave our property, investments and such to our heirs.  Except, the tyrannical government does not recognize this right, upon your death, instead, they seek to tax you fifty percent of the value of your estate.  Many, like Senator Schumer, believe all of your wealth should pass to your benevolent nanny, the nation state.  Why should a free person have to have life insurance to cover this tax, which is upon money and goods that were already taxed, as well as bought with money already taxed?

Via asset forfeiture laws, executive orders and tax liens, the federal leviathan confiscates the property of anyone it deems a threat.  The confiscation of this property, which includes cash, jewelry and gold, as well as cars and homes is most often done with no due process, at a simple administrative hearing wherein the victim has no rights, no appeal and no choice.  This is a punitive measure meant to punish those who dare speak ill of the blob that is our government and thus it grows even larger, fueled by theft.

The Dodd – Frank bill was a giant step forward for Marxism in America as it further opened the door to taking over the bank industry.  Now, thanks to Dodd the mortgage fraud and Bawney Fwank, the Federal Reserve, the issuer of worthless paper money and the federal government via the FDIC and the government controlled banks now become the puppet masters for private credit.  Few people talk about the Dodd – Frank bill as a threat to liberty.  History will not be so kind.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Transportation are key cogs in the machine of tyranny.  Controlling the communications, broadcast medium and now, the internet, gives the government authority over man and limits liberty by controlling who you can speak with and what you can talk about.  Controlling the medium of transportation, the highway system, controls and limits the ability of the people to move about freely.  Should a state become uppity, the federal government shuts off highway funds, just like they threatened to do in order to force the states to raise the minimum drinking age to twenty one.  We are being nudged into cages.

Under Barack Obama, the American government took over a large segment of the auto industry and all of the healthcare industry.  But, this isn’t the only intrusion into private enterprise by the government.  Farms are “controlled and subsidized” by the federal government, via the Department of Agriculture, the EPA, the IRS and other agencies.  The energy industry, factories, stores, all of the employers in America are controlled by the federal government.  Everything is regulated from your bedding and water flow in showers or toilets, to your car and the food you eat.  We are all government approved beings.

The equal liability of all to labor, the minimum wage act, the unions, they all provide for wage control and an ever increasing control of labor by the government.  The Department of Labor exists not to facilitate labor growth, but that of government influence over the private workforce.  The national debt and the ever increasing inflation, the true cost of goods and services, has led to the rise of the two income family, making the raising of children a more government involved process, via schools, pre-schools and daycare.  More wage earners, more cash flow, more cash in circulation, thus, the smaller the value of the dollar as it is supported by nothing, the greater the need for income, credit and dependency upon the government.  It is as if someone planned this entire thing.

As the government implements Agenda 21, driving populations to the east and west coasts, emptying so called “flyover” country, blurring the distinction of town and country by having the farmer/corporate agriculture class take over the inner divide of the country while everyone else resides in cities, thus making the Chevy Volt a viable car, because nothing is more than forty miles away and dictating land usage everywhere else. 

The public school system is a misnomer, as they should be called, “Government Forced, Tax Funded Schools”.  The days of the home school is waning.  Teachers unions, the government run schools and the government have combined to make it harder and harder to teach your children at home, never mind the economics of the single income family.  Government indoctrination centers, schools, are eroding family values and American history. 

The preceding ten paragraphs are the ten planks of communism, as laid out in the Communist Manifesto.  I say to you, “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”.  Are you a slave?  You don’t have to be.  We still have the choice to be free.  Choose freedom.  Stand with me and rage against tyranny.  So, the ten planks of communism are in place in America?  What are you going to do about it?  The train, rolling like a hurricane, is speeding towards us, with momentum.  Alone, we stand like a penny upon the rail, waiting to be crushed.  Together, we stand like a boulder, a rock, ready to derail the oncoming monster.  Will you stand with me?  I’m already standing for you.

Doc Liberty – Right Wing Extremist, Clinging To My God & Guns


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One response to “Welcome To My Nightmare”

  1. govogue says :

    None are so blind as those who will not see! Shame! The Uninformed (ignorant) and Reliant
    are blindly following Obama…….to their demise. The Informed and Responsible trust God and realize that the liberals’ efforts to remove Him from the public arena will not work. The lies of the msm will not live. The lies are getting bigger with each day, and the harm will be felt….if not stopped!

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