The Enemies List

Nixon had an enemies list.  Obama has an enemies list.  A list of enemies is something that, throughout history has been handy to have around, whether rising to power or fighting to maintain power.  A lot of people and organizations must be crushed on the way to the top and still more have to be silenced in order maintain the top spot.  To think that Nixon or Obama are the only ones with an enemies list is to fail to think, period.  If you think Speaker Boehner has no enemies list, you are wrong.  Ask those Tea Party Representatives who are trying to follow the Constitution.  It is human nature to divide the world into those who are with us and those who are against us.  As children, on the playground, or online gaming, there are two groups….you are either in or you are out, a friend or an enemy. 

Doc Liberty has an enemies list too.  Those on Doc’s enemies list shall be opposed, vehemently, at every turn, using the system and the tools of liberty.  Political enemies on this list are not under threat of violence, they are on notice, that their anti-America actions shall be met with resistance and push back, at every turn.  There can be nothing but liberty, the rule of law and the civilized society, anything less is tyranny and not tolerable. 

The List:

Barack Hussein Obama (Or whatever his name is):  The Muslim Marxist in Chief is the greatest threat America has ever faced.  I’m on his list, so naturally he is on mine.

The Clintons:  Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and any others lurking in the shadows.  These Alinsky followers are almost as bad as Obama…sort of like choosing dry anal rape over run of the mill sodomy.

David Plouffe:  A creepy, ginger, day walker who blindly supports and endorses all things Obama, Marxist and communist. 

Nancy Pelosi:  A notorious pirate hooker, Obamacare wraith and putty faced hag who is so crooked she has to screw her pantsuits on. 

Harry Reid:  Grew up swimming in the pools of brothels while his mom cleaned up after whores.  Reid is still cleaning up after whores, only now it is Pelosi and Obama.

Democrat Party:  Those that are driving the party are the most radical, leftist, anti-American group of people ever assembled.  The rest of the party is willing to go along to get along.  Both sides are evil.

Speaker John Boehner & GOP Leadership:  Face it, the GOP has sold out liberty.  Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, et al., talk a good conservative game, but their actions, including failure to appoint a Select Committee on Benghazi, draft and file articles of impeachment (Rep Issa took it off of the table in 2010) against Obama, and a host of other failures.  The only keepers in the GOP are Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Bridenstein.  Even the amazing Rep Bachmann and Rep Goehmert have failed liberty by not filing articles of impeachment. 

Main Stream Media:  The propaganda wing of the government, known as the main stream media, has been a Marxist stronghold for almost one hundred years and there is no end to that in sight. 

RNC Leadership:  RINO’s fill me with the urge to defecate.   

Uninvolved Citizens:  If you don’t know what is going on, believe what the media tells you, or complain and not take action, you are an “Uninvolved Citizen” and as worthless venereal warts on a sexual holiday.

George Soros:  Doctor Evil is the “Puppet Master” of sock puppet Barack Obama.  Sock puppets get fisted.  Vicariously, so does America.

Occupy Movement:  Useless idiots used by the unions, media and Marxists to push an idiotic agenda to morons too lazy to work for themselves. 

Islam:  They hate us.  Hate them back.  It works. 

Everybody Else:  If you aren’t a conservative activist, a libertarian activist or a Constitutional activist, you are part of the problem.  If you are part of the problem, you are an enemy.  Period.

Now that we have identified who hates us, who hates liberty and who we should not trust, one question remains:  What are you prepared to do about it?  If the answer is “nothing” or “whine loudly on social media” add your name to the enemies list; You are either with us or you are against us, there is no middle ground. 

Buck Futz – Celebrating Bastille Day In America, Every Day


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7 responses to “The Enemies List”

  1. jlysaght says :

    Love it. Thank you for writing it. Will share with our #RedNationRising against Blue Dems and RINOs from @NObamaChat account. Thanks again for writing such a wonderful piece.

  2. Doyl L Watson II (@eph4_15) says :

    I loved your first two paragraphs, and the first enemy on the list was handled well, but then you started inserting all sorts of filth and potty-mouth, talk. Totally inappropriate and unnecessary. It doesnt fit with the rest of your article. There is NOTHING conservative or good or beneficial to talking like that. It will set many against us, who might otherwise listen. I would have shared this all over the twitersphere & Facebook, if you had kept it clean.

    • docrevolution says :

      And? Who has proclaimed you to the the morality police? Life’s rough. Get a helmet. – Buck Futz

      • hammerbag says :

        Doc, have you ever heard of a novel called “Just Say ‘F*ck, Yes'”? It strikes me as something you might have written. It’s kind of obscure, a counter-culture piece from the 1970s authored under a pseudonym. I had a copy, given to me by the daughter of Robert Bly, the poet, then lost it. I recently replaced it with a used copy bought on the internet. You might enjoy it. — CLC

      • docrevolution says :

        I shall look up this book and give it some attention. Thank you.

  3. Martin says :

    Wow Six comments, amazing following
    Maybe you could get Presidents Romney and McCain to join

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