Tom Tancredo For President 2016

There are many politicians vying to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016.  Some of these men are honorable, such as Senator Ted Cruz (a man the left and GOP establishment fear) and Senator Rand Paul and some of them have shown their true colors, such as Senator Marco Rubio (who is an amnesty tool being used by Senator Schumer and the communist party) and anyone else the Republicans trot out who is an establishment rube.  Be honest with yourself, do you think Santorum, Perry, Romney, Rubio, Bush (Jeb) and the other GOP tools have the gravitas to not only win, but ignore the party power brokers and do what is needed to restore liberty, restore Constitutional Republicanism, restore the rule of law to the United States of America?  We need a President who will adhere to what our founders envisioned, what they envisioned when the Declaration of Independence was written, referring to the united States of America.  There is a difference in how it is written and that difference is “u”. 

If only there were a person who ignored the GOP establishment, had a strong conservative background, someone who:

*  Was a state representative.

*  Was a Congressional Representative.

*  Worked at the Department of Education under Reagan and Bush.

*  Is familiar with Presidential races, having run once and assisted others in their campaigns.

*  Ran for governor on the American Constitution Party ticket and finished ahead of the GOP candidate in a liberal state, because he can articulate Constitutional principles to the people.

*  Is an experienced conservative/libertarian think tank specialist.

*  Worked on Terrorism and Trade committees, as well as Public Lands committees in Congress.

*  Introduced immigration reform bills supported by liberty and conservative groups, introduced a Constitutional Amendment that failed to get traction, due to the RINO’s and Progressives in Congress, as he sought to make English the official language in America.

* Scored 99 out of 100 when the American Conservative Union listed their rankings of politicians. 

*  Said, “If you want to call me a single-issue candidate, that’s fine, just so long as you know that my single issue is the survival and the success of the conservative movement in America”.

*  Is tough on terror, wants to deport all illegal aliens and secure America’s borders, then address our immigration policy that allows Islamic terrorists to enter the country under the auspices of asylum, while forcing educated immigration candidates to wait a decade or longer, despite their ability to contribute to society. 

*  Had the courage to say, “There are consequences to open borders beyond the 20 million aliens who have come to take our jobs … the price we pay for spineless politicians who refuse to defend our borders against those who come to kill.”  Despite the push back from the GOP leadership, he has spoken out for America.

What does this man believe in, beside liberty?  What are his position(s) on other subjects that are key to winning over voters and advancing liberty? 

Abortion:  He believes abortion, “compromises the sanctity of life” and “attacks the most vulnerable among us”.  He believes no federal funds should ever pay for abortion and scores an “A” on the National Right To Life report card.

Immigration:  Aside from the stances above, he believes in banning sanctuary cities from getting FEMA funds.  He also endorses proof of citizenship or approved visa status for Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP services.  And, he has successfully debated pro amnesty politicians, swaying voters, both undecided voters and committed amnesty advocates:

Pre-Debate Poll Results: 16% For | 54% Against | 30% undecided

Post – Debate Poll Results: 35% For | 52% Against | 13% undecided

Federalism:  Taking a principled stand against multilingual ballots, he refused to push a costly mandate onto the states, a mandate that was unfunded.  He supports legislation mandating that the DOJ stop raiding medical marijuana dispensaries in states where medical marijuana was legalized by the states.  Much to the chagrin of GOP party leadership, he has been outspoken regarding the need for having state legislators and city mayors who support and endorse sanctuary cities, as they are in violation of federal immigration law.  He endorses the repeal of Obamacare by any means needed, as it is an unconstitutional law.  Repealing the sixteenth amendment and installing a Fair Tax is needed to stop the tyranny of the IRS.

Foreign Policy:  When asked about a hypothetical Islamic nuclear attack on America, he replied that the US should retaliate by destroying Islamic holy sites.  Despite the liberal outrage, he refused to apologize stating that if they know the consequences in advance and still carry out an attack, so be it.  Peace through strength and diplomacy is what this candidate desires, like what President Reagan achieved. 

If you have not figured out who this man is, it is Tom Tancredo, the man who had the gravitas to say, “it’s a Latino KKK without the hoods or the nooses” in reference to La Raza, the racist illegal alien lobbying group.  Mr. Tancredo has the courage of his convictions, he has the courage to speak the truth, to articulate Constitutional conservative values and a proven track record of articulating Constitutional values and winning over liberals and independents.  In July of 2010 Tancredo had the courage to articulate the argument in favor of impeaching Barack Obama.  Current GOP leadership, including Rep Issa who took impeachment off of the table in 2010 and to this date continues to hold show trials despite having the proof needed to impeach Obama for his actions on many things.  All one really needs to know about Tom Tancredo is that he has a 7% rating from the ACLU and a 97.8% rating from the American Conservative Union.  Due to Representative Tancredo’s conservative stance, he was persona non grata at the George W. Bush White House.  Mr. Tancredo and progressive Karl Rove had a shouting match wherein Tancredo made it clear that the loose immigration policies of the GOP would lead to more attacks in America (and given the asylum practices of the Bush presidency he is correct) and Rove told Tancredo to never “darken the doorstep of the White House”, Rove continued by stating that because Tancredo is a Constitutional adherent, he is a traitor to the party.  Face it, Rove and Bush (pick one) are traitors to the principles of the GOP, traitors to the Constitution and to the people. 

America needs Tom Tancredo.  We must draft Tancredo as the people’s candidate for President in 2016.  Mr. Tancredo believes that Colorado needs him and they do, but they need him more as President and so does America.  Honor, integrity, the courage to stand up to the party leadership (you know, those progressive, globalist tools that gave us two Bushes, Dole, Romney, McCain and are now pushing Jeb Bush) does not come around often.  The last time we had a politician who was a statesman, a man of conviction, a man who stood up to the party and did what is right for the American people, Ronald Reagan won in a huge landslide.  Twice.  Help me convince Tom Tancredo that America needs him.  Besides, it would make Karl Rove’s head explode.

Doc Liberty – Statesman and 2016 Presidential candidate (should Tancredo not run)


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One response to “Tom Tancredo For President 2016”

  1. Jethro Palin says :

    We need Tom,he is the only one who will deport all legal and illegal wetbacks with their anchor babies back to mejico.

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