God Has Chosen Us For This Time & This Time For Us

Politicians are broken, spent, cowards and weak kneed children who lack the focus, clarity and grit needed to save themselves from a destiny they alone created.  Cowards one and all.  On the first day there were the moon and stars.  The angels looked on in awe as the blackness sparkled with light.  The lights shone, sparkled and lit the faces of the angels as they watched God work.  But, on the second day they awoke to find that while God was trying to push through plans at Planning and Zoning, there was a Planning and Zoning, along with something called unions.  Whatever these union things are, thought the angels, they allege to be striking, but most of all they are sitting around drinking beer with a “born on” date while belching and farting.  One angel asked another, “Why did God create these union things?” and the other angel responded, “He didn’t. They are like roaches; they were here before the universe and shall be here long after”.  The angels were not done with their analysis and questioning.

Angel 1 said, “How do the politicians fit into this?”

“They are like the roaches in that they have always existed, sucking the life out of all they contact.  Once in a while a good one or two come along and then the others corrupt them” said Angel 2.

“What makes a good politician?”

“The good ones have a sense of higher purpose, believe in a higher power and embrace their responsibility to the other people, the ones they are empowered to represent” lectured Angel 2.

Angel 1 replied, “Have they existed in God’s other experiments?”

“Yes. But, they’ve always consumed the ones they are charged with protecting, or started wars, sending the young off to die for their right to consume more and more of the people” Angel 2 scoffed.

“Do you think this will be any different?”

“Maybe. There are a few of these politicians that are not like the others.  The ones called Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Steve King, Jim Bridenstine, Louie Gohmert and a few others offer hope to the people, seem to be of sound character and truly love ability to serve others.  The people will stand with them if they choose to fight this Obama demon” Angel 2 thundered.

And, with that, the angels faded into the sky, seeking to remain hidden so that Obama, his handlers and lesser demons did not see them and their flaming swords, as God wishes to keep his army of infinite angels secreted away until such time as they are called for, should these politicians prove to be worthy and up to the task.  God has one more concern too, what of the people?

God spends much time away from the light of the stars pondering whether or not the people will rally behind these politicians, seeing them as different, as being bound by honor, bathed in the light of the Lord and selflessly willing to give of themselves, provided the people will rally to the cause of freedom.  Will stand with these political figures?  Will you stand for God?  Will you stand with me?  Our lives, our liberty and our sacred honor depend upon it.  It is our moral duty to stand, to deliver, to not fail.  I know, with my bible in one hand and my sword in the other, I shall have no fear for God has chosen us for this time and this time for us.

Doc Liberty – Pastor, Black Robe Regiment


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