Silent No More – The New Civil Rights Battle

The Supreme Court ruled on June 26th, 2013 that God was wrong; marriage can be between two consenting…whatever feels right.  Maybe, in their infinite wisdom the Supremes are right; the end to gay marriage will come via gay divorce, when they start having to give half of their stuff away when there is a break up.  Not to be outdone, the Senate proved that there is a worse branch of government and that when Democrats and Republicans work together, they can take any problem and make it worse.  By passing bi-partisan [another term for “both sides got paid off”] immigration reform, the Senate put a fork in the Constitution, declaring it dead.  According to the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, illegal aliens, people who broke the law to enter America, can break the law three more times and still get amnesty, because politicians never meant a crook or group they didn’t want to exploit.  By creating a protected class of citizens who are criminals, how long will it be until Charles Manson sues to be released from prison, along with all the other inmates in America, because under the equal protection of the Constitution they too should get some amnesty action?  If they empty the prisons and jails, who will pick up garbage and urinate in those rolling outhouses?

The Republicans and Democrats have become the same party, the Big Government Party, with two wings:  The globalist, government knows best party and the corporatist, government knows best party.  In defiance of God, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights [the Bill of Civil Rights], the Big Government Party seeks to crush not only America and the American people, but the Progressives in both parties and above all, the free people of America.  The Progressives are too ignorant and too arrogant to see that tyranny is tyranny and in the end, they too shall feel the iron boot of the government overlords.  We [even the Progressives] are all born free, sovereign individuals who do not get our rights from government, but instead count upon government to protect those rights.  When the government seeks to crush the rights of the free and sovereign people who have entrusted them to protect the very rights they trample, it is up to the people to call upon God, their inner strength and their iron will, to remain free.  Liberty is a contact sport.  Sometimes it is necessary to trample upon the feelings of the elite, the ruling class, in order to remain free. 

The Constitution mandates equal protection but as George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, ‘All animals are equal, some are just more equal than others’.  Our government, through regulation and law making has created protected classes of people.  The Department of Justice, under Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder has stated that white Americans cannot be the victims of civil rights violations [which is and of itself a civil rights violation].  The Environmental Protection Agency regulates and thwarts coal mining, coal fire power plants, farming and jobs at every turn, violating the civil rights of farmers, workers and shareholders, in that all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness [liberty and happiness cannot be obtained when one is unable to earn a living and is a slave to a crushing personal and national debt…And, among those debts is Obamacare or the fine for not purchasing it].  When one has a choice between paying for a mandatory program like Obamacare or paying a fine for not buying it, that persons right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness is has been infringed upon.  The rights of the people shall not be infringed upon by the government, their minions or the court system.  Our rights are natural, God given, civil rights and it is up to each of us to defend the other, lest we surrender all our civil rights to the evil of tyranny. 

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God, as Ben Franklin proclaimed.  As the victims of civil rights violations, repeatedly, by the tyrants in government, both as elected and un-elected officials, it is up to we the people [all of us] to stand up to tyranny through the defiance of laws and regulations that violate our rights, through protests and acts of civil disobedience, through passive resistance to force and violence from the tyrants and/or their minions, seeking to gain favor from their tyrannical leaders.  The civil rights demonstrations of the past show us the way to our future, to our freedom once again, but it will not be easy.  Our clergy and churches must stand against tyranny, even if it means surrendering their tax exempt status.  Members of churches that will not turn away from secularism and will not speak out for the civil rights of the people, it is up to the people to find fellowship with one another and turn away from the financial tyrants within the churches, seeking to take your donations and tithing while remaining silent against the abuses you face, in order to maintain their tax exempt status.  Churches such as these are not in the business of God but are simply in the business of business, they defy God and in the end shall stand and be judged by God for the ill they have done.

Each of us must defend our rights, the Bill of Rights, by any means necessary.  Do not be silent.  Take any government agent, tool or politician to court for violating your civil rights.  File complaints with your state civil rights agency, with the Department of Justice, with anyone who will accept the complaints, bury them in legal paperwork.  Band together and demonstrate.  Don’t be bashful, block highways at rush hour, get in the streets, in large numbers.  They cannot take us all to jail.  Lock arms, be non-violent, but resist tyranny, even if you’re standing for what is right leads to your being pepper sprayed or arrested.  There are worse things than going to jail for what is right…like living in tyranny.  Lead by example; teach those around you to stand, to protest, to refuse to be enslaved by the nation state.  When protesting, block your cell phone number and call 911, telling the dispatcher that these protesters are blocking traffic, counter protesters are forming, it looks like it could get out of hand.  The media monitors the police scanners.  You will have press, television coverage, blogger coverage and that is what is needed.  The civil rights protesters in the past didn’t have the protection of media coverage, they didn’t have the advantage of spreading the word via the internet, but they changed the world.  You must have the courage to leave your children and grandchildren with a better world.  And, if you are clergy, like that racist dwarf, Al “Not So” Sharpton, don’t you dare side with the government and refuse to recognize that our natural, God given rights are not civil rights.  This is the United States of America, we are all equal and we are all obligated to defend our rights the rights of others.  Al Sharpton standing up for tyranny, for oppression, for the denial of civil rights would be comical if he weren’t serious.  Do not support and endorse clergy who will not stand for you and your freedom; kick them to the side, leaving them in the dust bin of history.  God is calling.  Your countrymen are calling.  Do you have the gravitas to answer?  I hope so, for this call may never come again.  If not now, when?  If not now, it will be never.  Tyranny only grows when fed with silence.  We can be silent no more.

Doc Liberty – Pastor, Civil Rights Advocate, Born Free, Lives Free, Will Die Free

American Patriot Church


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