Howard Beale Was Right!

2014 – Howard Beale Is Right

The conservative movement throughout history has had many heroes, some well-known and some not as much, yet others not known at all, but that is how these things go.  Sometimes heroism finds people, sometimes people find heroism and sometimes heroes are in front of us every day and we never see them because we are too self-absorbed to recognize them.  In the 24/7 news cycle for media and new media, heroes come and go and some are pretend heroes, pretend warriors, created by trolls and faux accounts, designed to fool the average conservative and libertarian, to take their eye off of the ball, so that the establishment GOP tools like Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Paul Ryan and Representative John Boehner can keep control of their Progressive establishment, their power and control.  They are low rent tyrants trying to move on up to the high rent district at the expense of freedom.  This story is about real heroes among us, those who do, not seeking fame or notoriety, just seeking to do what is right for liberty.

Some of these modern heroes are elected officials like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Rand Paul, Representative Louie Gohmert and former Senator Jim DeMint.  But, these men are all confined by a system controlled by the corrupt they are seeking to reform, they are urinating into the wind and trying to stay dry.  May God bless them and guide them upon their journey but they are not the heroes who will lead and guide the conservative/libertarian resurgence in America, they are just the faces created by the media.  Thank you state run media, but we do not need you, trust you or desire to have you pissing in our ears, for we are legion and we are free.

2014 is the year of the American Bad Ass.  The true American Bad Ass, the heroes among us are the men and women who bust their ass every day, not just for their family, to make a living, to provide jobs for others or for their country, for they too are heroes in their own right, but the men and women who do all of this and still make time to fight for the cause of liberty, they are the ones who will lead us selflessly out of the darkness of tyranny and into the light of liberty.  We are all born free, what we do with that freedom is what defines us as men and women or makes us cowards.  Amen.  It is time to examine a few of the men, women and organizations who can and will inspire us to take our country back from the Democrats and Republicans who have stolen our liberty:

Governor Sarah PalinGovernor Palin is a polarizing figure who lives rent free in most liberal and progressive minds.  Whether tweeting, posting to Facebook or hunting, forever outraged lose what is left of their minds when her name is mentioned.  Good.  If you live rent free in the minds of these idiots you are doing things right.

Phyllis SchaflySchafly singlehandedly halted the Equal Rights Amendment and to this day drives the Feminazi’s crazy as she has demonstrated time and again that women can accomplish anything and still be women.  She is a hero to conservative women and the bane of feminists everywhere.

Mark Levin:  Be it from the “bunker” or with his writings, Mark Levin commands a large and perhaps the smartest audience in talk radio.  I actually pity the progressives that take them on in a debate for they will be taking on verbal ninja’s who are versed in liberty.  Levin has laid out a plan to unseat the tyrants without firing a shot, it is up to us to do so.

Dennis Prager:  Not only is Prager brilliant, like Levin, he is making those who will take time, just a few minutes a day, even in their car, using his website or iTunes, smarter, using Prager University.  The short, but informative lessons are not just about history but about life and giving them a few minutes of your day and of your child’s day will make you better informed and better people, period.

Nick Searcy:  Mr. Searcy is a notable actor from Justified.  He is also a fearless warrior of all that is right and a staunch opponent of all that is wrong in America.  Not a man to be trifled with if you are a Progressive, nor is he worried about offending the liberals who seem to dominate Hollywood.

Caleb Howe:  Caleb Howe lives where the riled things are.  Based upon his dismantling of progressives in the media, one can assume that he drinks gasoline and pisses napalm.

Jason Mattera:  DC’s Bad Boy Reporter is gaining a following of libertarians and young conservatives who are tired of the current political system, realizing that right v. left is wrong.  It is us v. the government.

Redsteeze:  He’d do Aaron Rodger’s and if you don’t do @Redsteeze on Twitter or read his writings, the progressives will end up doing you in the end [pun intended].

Pocket Full Of Liberty:  I got your Pocket Full Of Liberty is usually followed by “Say hello to my little friend” when I say it, but they actually mean liberty, not some homoerotic reference to my pocket pistol.

C. Steven Tucker:  Mr. Tucker went on the Kelly Files with Megyn Kelly [On Fox News] to talk about how he saved someone whose insurance had been cancelled illegally due to Obamacare.  Within days the full weight of the IRS was upon the man who had his insurance cancelled and Mr. Tucker.  Steven did not back down.  It takes brass balls to take on the Obama administration.  This is the kind of citizen who will help lead Americans out of this mess, if they are smart enough to participate in saving themselves.

Arlen Williams:  A man who is not backing down from the tyranny of the statist regime created by the Democrats and Republicans.  We are all Gulag Bound, but not if we get off of our asses and act.

Sharyl Attkisson:  The one reporter who admits she has an agenda, the truth.  The government despises her and her requests for information.  Thankfully there is one reporter left in America who only wants the truth.

Jay Carnie:  Mocking the progressives makes them crazier that they started out and no one mocks them like Jay Carnie.  He and his tweets live rent free in the minds of liberals, driving them to obscenity laced rants, racist diatribes and threats of violence.

The Other McCain:  Unlike the one who is a progressive tool and his misfit bloated Macy’s Parade float daughter, this McCain has leadership skills and an IQ well into triple digits.

Greg W. Howard:  A Twitter warrior who lives rent free in the heads of liberals, progressives, progressive republicans and paid Democrat Party operatives.  The man behind Paul Revere Press is lied about, defamed/slandered, had his children called “fuckable” by Democrat Operatives, and been harassed in ways most people cannot imagine.

These are just a few of the Americans who are leading, through action, not just words, in an attempt to restore liberty, in an attempt to make the Constitution mean something again, in an attempt to honor those who have died so that these filthy, Marxist, rat bastards can speak freely about how horrible America is while admiring Cuba and other statist regimes where the same behavior they take for granted here would lead to their vanishing in the night there.  Ask any refugee from North Korea, the Soviet Union, China, Cuba or any communist regime that has gulags, labor camps, re-education camps or shallow graves full of dissenters what it is like to live in a country like this where anti American vermin can roam the streets freely, teach the children in our schools and brainwash them in the universities and they will tell you that America is either the greatest country in the world or the dumbest country in the world.

It is time for every one of us who believes in the Constitution, the rule of law and the concept of personal freedom to stand up for our beliefs, call out the communists, Marxists, subversives and anti-American vermin among us.  Identify these lowlifes.  Publicly shame them for their behavior.  Mock them for their needing a government to provide for them.  Humiliate them for being flaccid, limp, needle dicked cowards who hide in the shadows, refusing to step forward and own their beliefs and behaviors.  Make them ashamed to support evil people like Hillary Clinton, Maxine “Murky” Waters, John Boehner, the Same Sex Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan and Grover Norquist, just to name a few of the pieces of two legged human excrement that must be mocked and shamed.  They should all be put in stocks and left in the town square to be flogged, pelted with tomato’s and urinated on while told it is raining.  You are as free as you act.  You must take your freedom, at all costs, for if you don’t, it will cost you all you have.

Howard “I’m mad as hell & I’m not going to take it any more!” Beale – UBS Network Anchor


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