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  1. William P. Frasca says :

    Bad Obamacare, The Democrats Baby
    By: William P. Frasca

    Obamacare, or should we say failed care, expensive care, idiot care, death panel care, limited care, incompetent care, fraud care, witch doctor care, corrupt care, imbecile care, stupidity care, or forced compliance care. The choice is yours! Anything malicious with a criticizing word found in the English language describing this debacle in human decency, substandard health and well being is absolutely, positively correct. This is a total abomination that was forced upon the American people by a run away one Party kool aid drinking corrupt system, dedicated to the preservation of their own dominate manipulating, self serving greed and their conceited self love, ignoring the will and wishes of the people are sarcastically identified as the Democratic Party.

    We must never forget that the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats had some help from the Supreme Court, who sold out the Country, The American people and the Constitution, with the embarrassing deciding vote cast by a George W. Bush appointee named Chief Justice John Roberts, a humiliating disgrace. The poor dear wanted so much to be loved by the Progressives that he did everything in his power to justify his voting in favor of Obamacare in which he had a temporary brain freeze forgetting this was a vicious act of forced compliance totally against the Constitution, and not what he wrongly stated in his opinion “a tax”?

    The government of the United States can not force it citizens to purchase a product. Obamacare is a product! Chief Justice Roberts did disregard this and imposed his own philosophy ideology with bogus evaluation and rhetoric. This unbelievable turncoat wanted to make nice to a group of sick warped demigods ready willing and able to see America fail while demanding total obedience. He freely sold his dignity and his Country to a false prophet that can’t stand his guts. A sellout to the United States of American and what this Country stands for. All this was thrown out the window and replaced with thievery of our rights and liberties with total health care anarchy.

    Obamacare should re-enforce something that we have already known which is anything the Government does is questionable and must be topped off with a lot of doubt. The government especially the Socialist Marxists Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have a long list or total idiocy and lunacy. They love destroying the American way of life and morals. They are the Party of division and control, incompetence and stupidity. Everything they touch turns into foul stench of garbage.

    The Obama Administration has the uncanny ability to remove itself from anything bad in which they created. Benghazi, “Fast and Furious”, no one knew or was responsible, except for Hilary Clinton, making the insensitive statement “What difference does it make” or lying Susan Rice taking one for Obama and the team, was rewarded with a promotion, a real slap in the face, but still no one actually took any responsibility. They had enough undignified spin to once again try to blame the Republicans for these violent murderous catastrophes by cutting the budget. What a Joke? Regrettably, these people are the so-called leaders of our nation, no wonder we’re all screwed up?

    The economy and jobs, naturally it was George Bush and the Republicans. Shutting down the government was the Republicans. The toilets don’t work at the Capital of course it was the Republicans. All these “Mother Goose” “Alice in Wonderland” fantasies initiated by the Democrats to shift the blame from them to someone are preposterous but the buck stops with them on Obamacare?

    This was in the works for over (3) three years, and the results, double and triple premiums, less coverage, substandard coverage, less doctors, poor non-functional computer registry system, and obvious lies to us by Obama past, present and probably more in the future. Obama, his family, Congress and the Senate want no part Obamacare shouldn’t this be a discouraging sign of malfunctioned collapse and total breakdown in the system, yet it was forced on us?

    It was rammed down the throats of the American people by Obama and the Democrats, not one Republican voted for this monstrosity. Obamacare is their baby, no Republican or the Tea party can be blamed. Yet “We the People” receive excuse after excuse on why it is not working. All the excuses in the book can’t hide the ineffectiveness and ineptitudes of Obama, Kathleen Sebelius and the Democrats, the fault lies with them? History also proves one thing; never underestimate the cluelessness of the American people? Why? because what can you say of an electorate that voted for and elected Barack Hussein Obama twice to the Presidency, even after a disastrous first term in office.

    The enormous disgrace brought forth by the oblivious blunder of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius towards this failed program is quite comical, but unfortunately the lives of over millions of Americans are no joke.

    Even if she is forced to resign and going to be thrown under the bus, made into sacrificial lamb protecting her Lord and Master Barrack Hussein Obama. This heartless despicable individual, who has no remorse for human life, let alone health and well being ’must realize that if she takes this bullet as did Susan Rice did in Benghazi she will definitely be promoted or given a better position within the Administration. She will be taken care of! Incompetence and loyalty has its rewards with Obama, no matter how harmful or hurtful. There’s an old saying, “The more you screw up the higher you go within the government ladder”. Kathleen Sebelius is so inept, egotistical, dimwitted, insensitive, uncaring with outstanding features of intellectual deficiencies that we might one day in the future call her Madam President.

    Maybe all this is a clever ploy by Obama, the Democrats, the Progressives and the Socialists by having Obamacare fail opening the floodgates to Socialized Medicine. I would put nothing past these manipulating Nazi/Fascists.

    Where are the protests? Where is the outrage? Where are our self esteem, self respect, pride and dignity? Where are our Forefathers who sacrifice so much so we may live free? Where is our strength? Where is our courage? Why have we become sheep? Remember freedom isn’t free! Peacefully and legally question authority; it’s our right as Americans? So use it or lose it, the choice is ours?

    William P. Frasca
    Copyright 2013


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